The Author

My name is Dan. I’m an Analytics Developer who can’t stop exploring all the different subjects the world has to offer. Most of my curiosities here are about data, but I’ll branch out to other topics every once in a while (or maybe a little more than once in a while)….

I’ve been using Tableau since around 2012 and it’s my tool of choice for data visualization tasks, although I’m always trying to add other tools to my toolbox.

Some of my philosophies:

  • Systems/environments are connected in a lot more ways than visible to the eye. There are always more interactions between components to discover and influence.
  • Maximize edges. Where ecosystems and environments meet are where collaboration, opportunity, innovation and learning are maximized.
  • A balance of collaboration and isolated work brings about the best results. Collaboration to bounce ideas, theories, and progress off other experts. Isolated work to think and apply thoughts that surface during collaboration.
  • Finding balance in lifestyle, diet, exercise, and thought is the best long term strategy.

I updated these last in September 2020. They might change as I learn more and gain new perspectives.

Currently Working On

What I’m Doing: Diving into mortality data from 2020 compared to previous years. Seeing if there are significant discrepancies between CDC reporting for excess deaths compared to state reporting.

Why I’m trying this: With COVID-19 there has been a lot of data flying around. A lot of it is poorly interpreted and poorly analyzed. I’m going to try to find out if the data sources are high quality before picking apart any specific analyses that have been published.

Start Date: February 2021

Estimated Cut Off Date: March 2021

Last updated: February 18th 2021

Contact Info

Want to get in touch? I’m open to questions, post requests, general conversations, and work proposals. Send me an email at the address below. It’s a screenshot so rudimentary bots can’t spam me. Bots with superior skills of text recognition from images are more than welcome to though.

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