Useful Links and Tools

Quick Links


Here’s some useful tools I’ve come across that might come in handy for you in the future.

Tool NameDescriptionLink
Tableau PublicFree version of Tableau which is a great general data visualization tool
Tableau Public GalleryA place where you and other Tableau developers publish free data visualizations. Great for inspiration and learning.
MockarooLet’s you generate fake data for your app or dashboard
Fast.aiFree and extensive deep learning course and deep learning tools

Data Sets

Here are some good places for free and well-structured data sources. If you’re feeling really inspired, many of these data sources can be combined or cross-analyzed to come up with unique insights.

World Health OrganizationExtensive data sets from disease to pollution.
Data is Plural NewsletterA near-weekly newsletter with interesting data sets collected by Jeremy Singer-Vine.
Redfin Housing DataSome data that Redfin updates weekly or monthly. They even have public Tableau dashboards using the data so you know it’s well structured.
Data.govA grab-bag of data from various parts of government in the US. Covers a wide range of topics. 200k+ data sets and counting.