Here’s a collection of posts related to data. Some are meta topics, some are technical posts.

Posts on Data

(No Tableau posts included here)
  • Fails to Deliver and GameStop – A Look Inside
    Note: Like what you see? I’m available for contract work! Reach out to me (407-906-6902) if you have an analytics project you’re looking to complete! Click here to jump straight to the dashboard You probably haven’t heard anything about GameStop in the past few years. […]
  • Data Visualization is Not Even 25% of the Work
    I’m a Data Visualization specialist at this point in my career, and I’ll tell you an unpopular opinion… The visualization part of data projects really isn’t the hardest part of the project, it’s not the most important, and it’s the least time consuming.

Pages on Data

Analyzing Stocks – Will be back soon, making updates to automate this

This page holds my stock buys and sells based on an algorithm I’m putting to the test.